Our chalets

At Zaini GuestHouse we have 7 wooden chalets that can accommodate 21 persons maximum, big house for 9 persons and 1 club house where another 15-20 persons can fit. We can welcome individuals as well as group with a maximum of 60 persons (40 in chalets / 20 in tents)

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>"A" frame Chalet
The A-shaped chalet is provided with 2 single mattresses on the floor. It is adjacent with one of the Classic chalets, most of the time families like to take both at the same time and let the children in the A-shaped chalet because since it does not have any window, it looks like a cave-hut which would delight any youngsters.

1 to 3 persons - shared bathroom

RM 30/night (1 single bed)

RM 40/night (2 single mattresses)

>Classic Chalets
There are 2 of these, which have the same size but each designed exclusively, one with one window at the back and this other with 2 windows on the side. One equipped with 2 single beds and the other one is equipped with 1 double bed. They are very close to the 'gazebo' (open kitchen), showers outside.

maximum 2 persons per chalet - 2 single beds/ 1 double bed - shared bathroom

RM 50/night

>Privacy Chalet
As the name suggests, this small chalet is a bit secluded. It is provided with 1 double bed with mosquito net as well as a wooden table and chair inside for those who might be inspired to do some writing. There is enough space to add 1 single mattress on a mat on the floor. It is located in between the stream and the river and is actually very close to the river access. It includes an exceptional private bamboo-made shower room behind it.

2 to 3 persons - 1 double bed - private bathroom

RM 70/night

>The Bamboo Chalet
The bamboo chalet is the first one and located at the entrance; it is built at the edge of a bamboo bush on large 6 feet-high wooden pillars so that it overhangs the river and the lawn. It is provided with a queen size bed + 1 single bed, thus it can accommodate a family of 3 persons. It has a small terrace facing the bamboo in total privacy. An open lounge is under the bedroom. The bathroom is outside tough. One of the most wanted!

max 3 persons - 1 queen bed + 1 single bed

RM 90/night

>Tikar Chalet
This chalet is called like this because its walls are made of tikar (mats). With 3 double beds, it can accommodate 6 persons. It is the closest chalet to the common showers/toilets.

3 to 6 persons - 3 double beds - attached bathroom

RM 150/night

>The Family Chalet
The family chalet is the most complete chalet since it provides a private toilet attached to the bedroom itself at the first floor and a private shower at the lounge-kitchenette ground floor. It can host a complete family in the same room with 2 queen size beds.

2 to 4 persons - 2 queen beds + attached bathroom + private kitchenette

RM 150/night

>The Club House
The Club House is the big and tall house that you will find after the small stream's bridge. It features two floors as well. Downstairs is like a hall, an ideal place to gather a group to do some talks. Upstairs is an open area without wall that can be used as a dorm to accommodate at least 15 adults (plus additional 5 children) on mats; or that can be used as a surau (praying quarter).

10 to 20 persons - shared bathroom

RM 250/night

The camp site is virtually 'any' spot on the lawn, except under the coconut, or durian trees (safetywise) as the fruits of these trees drop when they ripen and we certainly do not want our guests leaving our place with swollen heads ;)

Enough space for 20 tents.

Rent a tent:

RM 15/night

Your own tent:

RM 10/night

>For Family Day & Group
You can rent the whole Zaini GuestHouse place (7 chalets + Club House + Hall + Kitchen + all facilities) with total privacy.

2 days/1 night

RM 1300

Extra mattress for chalet: RM 10

Facilities & Services

>Special quotations

We do cater for individuals and group on request.
Please do not hesitate to ask for a quotation adapted to your needs (ex: accommodation + catering + activities) for:

- Family Day

- Team building

- School program

- Special event

- Day trip

>On the land

- River and stream
- Huge lawn / playground (don't forget to bring your badminton set, Frisbee or ball)

>In the rooms
- Wi-fi
- All rooms have electricity and a power-plug.
- We provide bed sheets and blankets only for the chalets.
- We do NOT provide towels and toiletries.
- Non-Airconditioned.
- Zaini GuestHouse is a TV-free place! (What a bliss!)
- We provide table-fan and electric kettles for free on request.
- There are 5 common showers and toilets.

>Cooking facilities
There is a fully-equipped kitchen with a gazebo. It includes a double stove, a fridge, a huge rice cooker, 2 BBQ pits, all the necessary utensils to cook and all plates, glasses and cutlery. Just bring your food.

Fully equipped kitchen: RM 50 per day

BBQ pit only: RM 20 per day

Shuttle from Bukit Tinggi Chinese Village , Selesa Hillhomes bus stop.